Kidney Stone Pain – Can Meditation and Visualization Help?

Anyone who has suffered from kidney stone pain knows that it can be an extremely uncomfortable, even excruciatingly painful experience. There are several causes of kidney stones, from infections to hereditary factors, and there are many possible treatments, ranging from conventional medicine (including drugs and sometimes surgery) to herbal and holistic treatments.

There is a growing school of thought that believes that stress is a major factor in all disease, and that this can be significantly reduced by certain practices. Reducing stress is not always easy, and involves looking at all the areas of your life. There are certain specific techniques however, such as meditation and visualization that can be helpful for any condition, including kidney stone pain.

There are many kinds of meditation and visualization exercises. In its simplest form, meditation involves sitting with the back as straight as possible, focusing on taking deep, relaxing breaths, and emptying the mind of thought and worries as much as possible. If thoughts do rise up in the mind, which they inevitably will, don’t be concerned or try to fight them off; just allow them to be and try to let go of them. Meditating like this every day, for a period of anywhere from ten minutes to a half hour can be extremely helpful.

Visualization is a somewhat more involved process, though, like meditation, it starts off with the idea of relaxation. There are tapes with atmospheric music, and also some with affirmations, that can be used to help you with a guided meditation or visualization. You can, however, do this on your own as well. First relax as much as possible. You can either sit or lie down. As you breathe deeply, without trying to force the breath, imagine healing light going through your body with each breath in. With each outgoing breath, imagine any toxins leaving the body. You can visualize toxins any way you want; it can be dark smoke, for example, or even little gremlins.
If you are working on something specific like kidney stone pain, direct the healing light to the area of the kidneys, which are located on either side of the lower back.

The key with a practice such as meditation or visualization is to do it consistently. And, even though you want it to help, try to approach the process without expectations, as this interferes with your ability to relax and “go with the flow.”
You can do simple meditations and visualizations to help reduce the occurrence of almost any ailments, including kidney stone pain. When directed to, the body naturally knows where to send healing energy.

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